My mom claimed everyone looks disgusting eating corn on the cob. I think we can all agree I proved her wrong…right?

I’m a 20-something amateur chef working my way through numerous cookbooks, food blogs, & piles of cooking magazines (I promise I WILL get to you September 2010 edition of Food & Wine). If I could I would talk about, write about, and cook/bake food all day, every day.  I considered calling this blog Food = Love because that’s kind of how I feel, but I thought it might attract a strange crowd.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Maggie,
    Keep this up because you are very good at it!!!
    If you ever want me to do something for your blog – let me know.

    Love Dad

  2. You are the berries….I mean, apple. Seriously fab blog Mags-just one thing-how about using the bloody pie plate I gave you, jeeeeeeeeeez. Ha! Love You. xo D

  3. Maggie, is this you?! I have been trying to figure out who you were, because when you’ve left a message on my blog it takes us to your profile page, but your blog or web page isn’t listed…anyway, I’m glad that I finally found you! 🙂 I just left you a message on my blog. 🙂

  4. I can definetly relate to the cooking your way through cookbooks, magazines, etc. comment. I once held on to an issue of Bon Appetit for 20 years before finally baking that bread recipe by Beth Hensberger. Definetly worth it, though. Looking forward to baking with you and Julia and Dorie….

  5. Hi, Maggie! You are a reader, writer, and now becoming “Julia Child”. I enjoyed reading
    your blog. You have so much talent. Barb Seaton

  6. I love that you love food! Just a heads up, if I become a routine contributor to this blog, you’re probably going to see me putting out some very thoughtful yet technical terms such as, “yummy” or “Damn that looks good” or “Eeeewie onions”. Just wanted to prepare you ahead of time. Love you Mags!

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