Red Velvet Cupcakes….a misstep

Ever since making a few batches of Red Velvet cupcakes for a True Blood season finale party, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with them. I realize that this is my first actual baking blog and I’m supposed to be writing about pies, but that’s life. I decided to make a batch today for a dual purpose: a friend’s birthday and a get well present for another friend’s mother. So since I’ve made a few batches before, I was feeling pretty confident until I started pouring the blood-red batter into the muffin cups and realized that I had forgotten to add the baking powder. I’d already poured out about half the batter so there wasn’t really any turning back. I decided to go ahead with them as a learning experience. This way I could really see how important baking powder is to the process. I mean, they must not have always had baking powder right? When did that get invented and how long has it been a staple in your standard kitchen?

Okay after about ten minutes on google, I still don’t know when people started using it for baking, but after looking at my flat little cupcakes I can be damn sure it’s pretty important. The texture inside was definitely affected too. They seemed like when you over-mix muffins and create air pockets inside them or something, but much flatter. Definitely not my finest moment in the kitchen to be sure. But they still tasted okay so I mixed up the frosting, got a little Easter-eggy with the color, and got to work. I think they still looked alright.

There turned out to be just enough in pan to spell out a b-day message to my friend!

I used the Paula Deen recipe that I found on It was infinitely better than the Martha Stewart recipe I tried at first. I mean the last time I made it when I didn’t forget the baking powder. The Paula cupcakes were a much deeper red and I liked the texture more. Even though she used more oil, they seemed lighter on the inside and they developed a nice crunchiness on the outside. Oh well, every day can’t be a total success. I’m trying cashew chicken and home-made potstickers tonight…hopefully those will turn out.


Virgin Blogger

Ever since I finished college I’ve been thinking I should write a little bit every day just so that everything I learned doesn’t melt out of my brain and render the 4 years I spent earning a useless degree null & void. But what to write about? I detest the idea of constantly updating my facebook status or joining twitter because who honestly cares about what I’m doing every minute of the day? Also who would care about the rantings of a shopgirl/waitresss? I mean, what do I have to say that’s really that important that hasn’t been said before?
So what are my hobbies? Reading, watching movies/television, hanging out with my boyfriend and dogs……and baking/cooking. Of those things, my time in the kitchen seems like it would be the easiest thing to write about, but with Julie & Julia coming out this year, it seems kind of stupid to write a cooking blog. I would feel like a copycat. I mean honestly, what baking/cooking/writing nerd doesn’t totally wish they had had that idea first?
So what do I cook/bake that is in any way interesting?? PIES! I never hated pies but I didn’t start really loving them until I started making them for my boyfriend Tristan. When we got our first apartment, I was so excited to get out of dorm hell and have my own kitchen that I went a little overboard with the cooking experiments. I tried pies a few times and then for Christmas that year, Tristan bought me Pie by Ken Haedrich and a Chantal pie dish and I was hooked. It is by far my favorite cookbook and I’ve made more recipes from it than any of the other ones gathering dust on my shelf. If you have any interest at all in pies, buy it and don’t look back. I promise you’ll love it.
So today I stumbled across someone’s cooking blog and one of my co-workers said, “You should do something like that,” to which I replied, “But what would I write about Kathy?” and then she uttered my favorite three-letter word “Pie.” I realized at once how simple and obvious this idea was and was immediately irritated that I hadn’t come up with this in the many musing sessions I’d had on the subject. So thank you Kathy. This will always have been your idea, wherever it ends up.
So if this ramble hasn’t clued you in already, I’m planning on baking pies and writing about the process on this blog. That’s about it.