French Fridays with Dorie – Orange Almond Tuiles

IMG_4565So I’ve been thinking of these cookies as “tulles” (like the fabric) which I 100% know is wrong since my first inclination when trying to pronounce something in French is always severely incorrect. I think one of the other Doristas said it really sounds almost exactly like “twee” but I can’t quite remember. My French guesses are akin to my navigation skills – just always really, really, really shockingly wrong. Never, ever ask me which way to turn in a snap-decision situation because I will never be right. Or ask me, but then do the opposite of what I say. That’s proven to be effective in the past. But you guys, these cookies….they created quite a stir in the FFWD arena. Seems like about a quarter of us got them to work and the rest were stuck with major or minor screw-ups. For the most part mine turned out okay – one batch I think I baked a minute too long and another could have used another minute – but I benefitted from reading about everyone else’s bad experiences before tackling this one.


Dorie says not to use parchment but I went with the other rebels and played it safe which worked out just fine for me. The cookies released with no issue and I didn’t have to wash my sheet pans. Winning! I also went a little rogue because I didn’t blanch my almonds. I was going to, but then I was feeling lazy and deluded myself into believing that almonds with the skin on are healthier for you. They say that about most fruits and veggies right? The skin is where all the vitamins and minerals are? If I’m wrong about this, please keep it to yourself. I want to keep thinking that.

The smaller ones are definitely the prettier ones but they all tasted amazing and one of the big benefits of this recipe is that it only used 5 ingredients. Something that looks kind of difficult and time-consuming is always made even more impressive when it’s actually quite simple in my humble opinion.

IMG_4567If you want to impress everyone at your cookie exchange with these little jobbies, you’ll find the recipe here. They’re light and sweet and perfect with a cup of tea or stuck in a scoop of ice cream as a crunchy little garnish. I may or may not have eaten like 6 or 7 during the making and photographing portion of the day – I’ll never tell!

French Fridays with Dorie – Financiers

IMG_2896Tonight my friend Susan taught a Fancy French Desserts class at the store so I thought it was a perfect day to make this week’s recipe and share it with the students. Bonus: I only ate 3 instead of the 12 I probably would have eaten had I made these at home! Fancy they are not, but they’re definitely French so I thought they fit. I mixed the batter up at home and after about 4 hours in the fridge, I pulled it out and finished them off at work. I don’t have a special financer pan so I used a mini muffin pan at work and I think they turned out pretty cute. When Susan and I were talking to the class about them she described what they’re really supposed to look like (little gold bars) which would also be adorable.

IMG_2888I buttered and sugared the pan and crossed my fingers that they would come out alright.

IMG_2889I know I’ve said this before but cookie scoops are seriously a godsend. I used a small Oxo cookie scoop to fill these little wells and it was perfect. Keep an eye on the one in the middle though – I may have slightly overfilled it…

IMG_2892Other than the monster in the middle that overflowed a lot, these popped out of the pan super easy after running a thin knife around the sides. The sugary coating on the outside was delicious and made them a little bit crunchy and the inside was really dense and moist. Like I said before – nothing fancy but definitely delicious.

IMG_2893To make some of these little teacakes for yourself, get the recipe here on Dorie’s blog.

French Fridays with Dorie – Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart

It’s been kind of a trying day, so I’m going to be brief about this one. Well, maybe not brief. I don’t know that I’m ever brief really, but just not my usual self is all I’m trying to say. Work was… today. Sometimes I feel like my job is really fun and easy and other times it feels really soul-sucking and today was kind of a soul-sucking day. Add a little side-dish of personal issues and you have me right now: only one gin and tonic in and a Cheesy Gordita Crunch for dinner comin’ atcha! I mean things aren’t all bad or anything, it was just one of those days.

Yesterday is when I made this tart though and it was a much different kind of day. I had things together yesterday. I made a pork loin in the slow cooker which took some forethought and then I made this for dessert so it felt like a real accomplishment of sorts. I felt this one was kind of hard to photograph because everything is so damn beige. I tried to make the apples look pretty and I think I did alright. I used Honey Crisp even though they’re ridiculously expensive right now and I don’t regret it at all. They were sweet and delicious and completely worth the $3 a lb price tag. Stupid drought!

Though the process of putting this together was a little piddly, I really did enjoy it. Butter, sugar, apples, pastry? That’s my kind of party right there.

We ate this with some vanilla ice cream while it was still a little warm and it was mighty fine. Mighty fine indeed.

So as previously mentioned, Saturday is the run. Hopefully I will look less like Hannah from Girls

and more like Chris from Parks & Rec.

I googled hardcore to find a pic of Hannah sitting in the street after having ripped off her tennis shoes and thrown them but I came up with nothing. Hopefully I’m past that stage at least. We’ll see! Oh and if you haven’t watched Girls on HBO or Parks & Recreation on NBC you should start. Like now.