French Fridays with Dorie – Lemon Barley Pilaf

This is definitely a recipe I would never have chosen on my own for two reasons, the first being that I’ve never cooked with barley ever in my life and the second being that Tristan is not a fan of rice or rice-like things. But it seemed easy enough and the 1/2 cup of barley only cost me 33 cents so here we are.

I really liked the look of the barley toasting in the pan with the slightly cooked onions – plus is this not the prettiest spatula ever? I use it for everything. My love of Le Creuset is immeasurable and never-ending.

I did end up subbing in some sun-dried tomatoes for the red pepper and some parsley is taking over the role of “greens” for the scallions but I think I got the idea Dorie was going for. I really had no time to run to the store before making dinner so I used what was available. I made it with the magic chicken and some peas for me (but not for Tristan). I also whipped up some poor-man’s garlic bread – just toast with butter and garlic powder sprinkled on. I did zshush it up a bit with some pretty Celtic fleur de Sel but it was pretty basic other than that.

I liked this more than I thought I would but I have to say I probably will not make it again unless a toddler is over for dinner. It just reminded me of like every recipe in our Cooking for Baby cookbooks at the store. Can’t wait to see what everyone else did with this one!

Creamy, Cheesy, Garlicky Rice with Spinach and Magic Chicken

I was pretty late to the party joining French Fridays with Dorie and there are some completed recipes that I am really sorry I missed! This is one of the ones I thought looked especially good. You’d think I’d be tired of this magic chicken already but guess what, I’m not!

Tristan is not big on rice and he said he thought this was really good which is high praise from him. I’m thinking about looking up some recipes for fried or baked risotto balls or something to use up the leftovers – adding butter and breadcrumbs is pretty much always a good idea. Yum!