Better Late Than Never French Fridays with Dorie – Squash, Apples, & Grapes

Straight up I was not going to make this recipe at all. Honestly, the only recipe for September that held any appeal for me was the poached apples and if you read that one you know they did not turn out as I planned. Eggplant? Ugh. Green pepper palooza? Blech. And endives…..endives aren’t offensive to me since I’ve never actually eaten one or even seen one in real life but they weren’t exactly calling my name. I had resigned myself to waiting for October to join the FFWD fun, but then I got all these email notifications of everyone’s posts yesterday and I started to change my mind. I mean, it’s pretty clear how I feel about butter (cough..blogname…coughcough) and I’m a real fruit-lover so I decided to give it a go. Plus I read this post and she added goat cheese to hers which sounds amazing! The alternate name for this blog could be Always Add More Cheese. I don’t understand people who don’t add cheese when it’s an option to add it. Plain hamburger? Why god, why? If you’re allergic, I get it. I mean, I pity you, but I get it. But just not wanting the cheese? I really don’t get it.

So I went on a hunt for endive and though I visited two grocery stores and the farmer’s market, it was not to be had. I did however pick up two of these beautiful things at the farmer’s market

and using the Bonne Idee I was able to make something similar to what everyone else was creating this week. I have never worked with red kuri squash before and now that I have, I can definitely say that I will buy it whenever I find it from now on. It’s super-delicious and you don’t have to peel it – score! My rosemary plant didn’t do very well this year so I subbed in some sage and marjoram for the herbs to round things out.

I feel pretty stoked that I’m using the same pan that’s pictured in the cookbook – gotta love that Le Creuset! After cooking for 20 minutes, I flipped everything over to examine the crunchy-delicious carmelization yumminess and kept right on cooking. One of the things I really liked about this dish was how hands-off it was. I got a lot of other stuff done while this was quietly cooking away and I really appreciated it.

As you can see I am pretty overrun with fall produce at the moment and I love it. Summer can take it’s tomatoes and zucchinis and kiss my grits – fall is here and I am loving it! I plopped some goat cheese on top, sprinkled with salt and pepper and had a delicious (and pretty healthy dinner) all on my lonesome since this is really not Tristan’s type of food. Don’t feel too bad though, I made him Magic Chicken and oven fries so he was taken care of!

I’m really glad I gave this a try and special thanks to all the rest of the Doristas for changing my mind and making this dish look too tasty to resist!