Baking with Julia – Whole Wheat Loaves

I’ve mentioned it before, but baking bread is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I LOVE it! I don’t understand why some people are afraid of yeast breads – they are so cool and alive! I decided to make this one at work because I was afraid for Candy again. The work mixer is a big black Professional 600 that I’ve decided to call Black Betty. I felt she was more equipped to handle the 10 minutes of kneading required. But don’t fret! I brought my special bread rising bowl from home to ensure success!

Even though Black Betty is a big Professional 600, I still got a little worried for her. This was a very strong dough and it seemed like it was giving her a serious workout. I tried to get a cool action shot but it mostly just looks blurry:

I had a hard time finding malt extract so I read the P &¬† Q’s and decided to use molasses instead which I was totally cool with because I love molasses. After I typed that sentence I realized that I don’t really know what molasses is or why it’s called that but after some googling I feel much more informed. I used unsulphured Blackstrap molasses which I guess is the one that’s good for you (sort of) and has various vitamins and minerals. Way to go me!

Here is my little ball of dough pre-rise. The recipe said the dough would remain sticky even after a proper kneading but I didn’t think it was. I thought it was pretty dreamy to work with actually.

Look at that beautiful yeasty baby! I have to say I don’t really understand the method for forming the loaves. I’m pretty sure I did it right but every loaf I made (I made the recipe twice because I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I REALLY loved it!) had a small little tunnel in the very middle which I think was from the folding. I would normally say that I had undercooked the bread but it wasn’t at all, there was just a weird little airhole in there. Hmmmm. I think the next time I make it I will just form loavy shapes and skip the rolling and folding thing.

I used my Grandma Hanson’s trusty old gold loaf pans and they were perfect! I have no idea how old they are but they seem timeless and awesome. I get so happy whenever I bake with my grandmother’s things.

I may have let the second rise go a little long but cut me some slack, I was at work and there were customers and phones and things like that to attend to. I just love looking at these pillowy soft loaves though.

Look how pretty! Isn’t the texture on the top amazing? Bek managed to find some powdered malt extract so I used that for the second batch but I have to say I liked the one with the molasses better. Sorry Dorie & Julia! To make some of these for your very own self, visit Veggie NumNums or The Family That Bakes Together¬† for the recipe.

Oh and in case anyone’s looking for a new Netflix obsession, Tristan and I started watching Nikita the other day and we are totally hooked. Kinda Alias-y with hot chemistry between the two leads – very fun!