French Fridays with Dorie – Lyonnaise Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread (aka Boursin’s Mama)

This post is kinda late due to two things:

1. Power outages in our area

2. A slight new obsession with Friday Night Lights (read: a somewhat all-consuming obsession)

I had full intentions of making this last night for Tristan and I to munch in the late evening but we had leftovers for dinner and immediately starting watching Friday Night Lights, which I feel compelled to mention is now available on Netflix Watch Instantly, and boom! it was like 11:30 PM and I hadn’t done anything yet. I feel pretty confused by how much I like this show since I have made it clear I’m not a sports nut but it is good stuff. And there’s five seasons of this good stuff. I am going to be pretty unavailable in the evenings for the next few weeks I think…

Back to the cheese spread though, I changed up a few of the herbs just because of availability. I got my herb garden all sorted last week and I now have lavender, mint, Italian parsley, chives, cilantro, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and basil planted. Assuming the little f*@#king tree rats (squirrels) that have been digging in my potted plants don’t kill any of them, I think I have a pretty comprehensive spread happening. One thing missing though: tarragon. I bought some last year and never ended up using it so I left it off my list this year. I don’t really regret it since this might have been the only recipe it got used for so I subbed in some sage and rosemary to fill in for it. When we tore ourselves away from the tube to go to bed last night I realized I still had some work to do so I chopped all my herbs and shallot and garlic and mixed everything together to chill overnight. But this morning when I was in the shower the power went out and stayed out and I didn’t want to open up the fridge and let all the cold air out to grab the spread so it just kept chilling all day. I had planned to bring it to work and share with co-workers and stuff but this is almost better because I can bring what’s left to a potluck grill-out tomorrow night. We had it with bagel chips tonight but I bought a baguette to slice up for tomorrow to bring with. I really really really like this. Like pretty much eating that whole little mini pie dish in the pic by myself like it. Yum!

I never realized that so many people had an issue with ricotta until we did the Pizza Rustica in Baking with Julia and I still don’t get it. What’s not to like?? I did find that the ricotta I bought was pretty darn thick to begin with and didn’t really need to drain for the few hours that Dorie mentioned. It was draining from 6-11:30 last night and there was maybe half a teaspoon of liquid in the bowl. Weird. I would definitely make this again and plan to for any other summer potlucks I get invited to. Hope everyone else liked it as much as me!