French Fridays with Dorie – Cheesy Creme Brulee

IMG_2697Just a short one this time –  I liked this a lot but pretty much everyone else who ate it did not. 😦 I have never eaten a traditional Creme Brulee before (shocking, I know) so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to and maybe that was the issue. I would love to go back and make the traditional sweet Creme Brulee that the rest of the Doristas did quite awhile ago because I have always loved the part in Amelie where she talks about cracking the crust on a Creme Brulee:

urlIn fact, I’m actually kind of horrified that I have never tried this dessert. I will have to remedy this shortly. Also, I want to watch Amelie again….

But back to the point, which is the Cheesy Creme Brulee. I made this with some open-faced steak sandwiches with reduced balsamic vinegar and bleu cheese and I think it was just a weird match. I was trying to knock it out and get it done on time and I think I just didn’t pair it right. Also since all the other people that ate it didn’t like it, I may have been barking up the wrong tree audience-wise. I’m glad I made it and got kind of back on track with my FFWD postings even though this one is late. I promise things will be back to my normal standards soon. Next up is Orange-Scented Lentil soup – another crowd pleaser around here (not). We’ll see how it goes…