French Fridays with Dorie – Cheese Souffle

This post kind of snuck up on me. Hmmm I just found out snuck isn’t a real word. Weird. I’m still using it. It’s a really busy week at work and a really busy upcoming weekend so I actually made this FFWD recipe last Sunday and just remembered as I was laying on my bed thinking about drinking a glass of wine after a 12 hour workday that I have to get this baby done! I’ve got the glass of wine and a really yummy candle lit, so I think I should be good to go.

We recently did a Celebrating Julia Child class at work, so I had witnessed and sort of helped in the preparation of a souffle not too long ago so this didn’t really worry me a lot. I borrowed the souffle dish from the store kitchen though. I don’t have one of my own. Have to fix that. Perhaps Le Creuset will come out with one in the near future… 🙂

So the ingredients are pretty simple and I usually have almost all of them on hand at all times. Once I get that elusive souffle dish, I could crank one of these out a week! Here’s my little mis en place display:

God bless those little clear glass bowls! They make even the humblest of ingredients look a little fancy-schmancy! So this comes together fairly quickly once you have the cheese grated and the egg whites whipped. Every time I do something with egg whites I am extremely thankful for my Kitchenaid. Candy really is a champ when it comes to beating egg whites. I tried to get a pic of the beautiful peaks we created but I haven’t really got the knack for getting great mixer photos yet. You know who does? Shelly over at She always manages to get great shots of ingredients in her mixer. She also makes delicious things. I pinned her most recent concoction and I think I might make it for Easter.

Any old who, back to the souffle, or rather what we ate with it. Even though I knew it would be really yummy, I felt like we needed to have something to chow on with it. Tristan is not really into meatless meals and the only meat I really had was bacon. Bacon is the real reason I can’t be a vegetarian. It is so delicious and versatile and I wanted to try something new with it. For a recent Tuesdays with Dorie recipe I had purchased some Medjool dates that I didn’t end up using. I’ve never bought dates before because they always make me think of this:

While Indiana Jones is very handsome to look at and super badass, I always think of how this little monkey eats the poisoned dates and saves his life (kind of) and therefor have a negative association. I bought the dates because I felt like I shouldn’t give up so quickly when faced with something I maybe don’t like and I’m so glad I did. I asked my coworker Kath for a suggestion on what to do with them and she said she stuffs them with bleu cheese and wraps them in bacon and bakes them. Sounds like a plan Stanley! I had gorgonzola so I slit open the dates, removed the nut (seed?), stuffed some gorgonzola in there and then wrapped them up in half a slice of bacon and baked them while the souffle was doing its thing. OH. MY. GOD. They might very well be one of the best things I have ever eaten. You’ll see that they’re not pretty but holy shit were they good!

The dates got really sweet and sticky and the creaminess of the cheese and the saltiness of the bacon mixed with that were just about the greatest thing ever. Make these as an appetizer for your next get-together and I promise, you won’t be sorry. The souffle was really delish. I think I got the proper amount of lift and the texture and everything seemed just right. I think maybe next time I would throw some chives in there for color and a little bit of onion-y flavor. Having only eaten one souffle before, I don’t have a lot to go on but I think it was a success. The only sad thing was that since it was only the two of us we didn’t finish it and souffle is not really a leftovers type of meal. Bummer.

True confessions time – I always make a joke that my refrigerator is 50% cheese and when gathering the ingredients for this souffle I realized just how close to true this is. I have 11 different kinds of cheese in my fridge. 11! That seems excessive. Here’s the line-up:



Cream Cheese

Parmesan (both hard & shredded)

Merlot Bellavitano

Raspberry Bellavitano

Provolone (sliced)

Sharp Cheddar (in both a fine and coarse grate)

Mozzarella (in both a fine and coarse grate)

Velveeta (if you say this isn’t a cheese, we can’t be friends. I love Velveeta mixed with milk and melted over noodles. Sue me)


Anyone else have any embarrassing refrigerator confessions? What do you always have too much of?