French Fridays with Dorie – Double Chocolate and Banana Tart

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how EXACTLY like the picture this thing looks! I mean before I start whining about how slippery the bananas were and how much of a bitch it was to place them this way I just want to bask in the glow of this visual accomplishment.

The in-laws were coming over on Sunday because Tristan’s birthday was on Monday so I just decided it would be the best time to make this bad boy. Tristan is not huge on bananas so I thought having more people to eat it would lessen the chance of it sitting in the fridge taunting me and forcing me to eat it all week. Not that it hasn’t been doing that. His parents ate very modest pieces so I have had one with a little vanilla ice cream for the last few nights after dinner. Good thing I haven’t given up on the whole running thing yet – sheesh!

I made this over two days – the crust on Saturday night and then the filling on Sunday morning and the topping on Sunday afternoon when I got home from work. I’d say this worked out very well and if you need a dessert that can be broken up into steps like this to fit your busy schedule then this tart is for you. I took a ton of pictures of it when I was finished because of how amazing it looks but I took no pics of the process except for this one:

Kind of inexplicable. I guess maybe I just liked the look of all that butter sizzling away or something. I’m a weirdo and I’ve come to terms with it. Here’s another pic of the beautiful finished product just to get the taste of the last one out of your mouth.

I like this tart – like all great French desserts it’s not super sweet. It has the overwhelmingly rich and dense chocolate flavor without drowning you in sugary sweetness. I loved the crust. I would definitely make that into little slice and bake cookies and then eat the entire batch – yum! I do think this is for a very specific crowd though – either people you want to impress (like say, your in-laws) or someone like the person this was created for who desperately loves bananas and chocolate. I’m really glad I made it, but I probably don’t need to make it again unless someone specifically requests it. It was yummy, but I’m ready for the next thing. I made the other half of the fougasse dough for dinner on Sunday too (clearly I am looking for someone’s approval – god, I’m so transparent) and even though it sat in the fridge for longer than 3 days, it still tasted amazing. I love fougasse – that is all.