French Fridays with Dorie – Lemon Steamed Spinach

IMG_0232I have been a spotty French Fridays participant lately and I’m really sorry guys! I’m here! A little late this time, but still here. Honestly this is the easiest recipe in the entire book so if I couldn’t manage this one there would really be something to worry about. Not a whole lot to say about it other than that it’s not my favorite way to eat spinach. I like it fresh and crisp in a salad or cut up really small and mixed in something delicious like spinach dip or quiche or really anything with cheese.

IMG_0234This wilty spinach was the bed for yet another Pinterest chicken recipe I tried tonight. I liked it – it was similar to Magic Chicken but healthier since it used Greek yogurt instead of mayo. There was a little bit of spinach left over and I have vowed to eat it tomorrow with my lunch because it’s good for me goddamnit!

IMG_0236If you want to give this lemony spinach a try, throw a little olive oil on fresh spinach, season it with salt, pepper, and the zest of a lemon and then throw it in the steamer for 3 minutes. That’s all there is to it really. This week’s recipe is olive-heavy so I think I’m going to go back through the canon of past recipes and pick one to try. Sorry guys, me and olives just don’t mix.


6 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Lemon Steamed Spinach

  1. Life gets crazy sometime, don’t stress 🙂

    The olive cookies were surprisingly non-olivey (even my olive hater liked them) – but it probably depends on the type of olive used.

  2. Everyone liked this week’s recipe – and, good for you for making it. I haven’t. Same excuse as the past two months – selling house, moving two states away, stressed. But, the move is over. I’m not particularly settled but who cares? And, I did put together the sablés recipe tonight and will bake it off tomorrow. The dough tasted pretty good. I look forward to see what you choose to make instead of this week’s recipe. I hope it’s a chocolate-something.

  3. There are lots of catch ups to choose from for non-olive-lovers. We really enjoyed the spinach this way, but we’ll both eat spinach no matter how it’s prepared.

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