Where have I been? I went to FL & I ran 5 miles

IMG_2592Heyo! So I just got back from a trip on Wednesday and I’m still not back in the groove. Is that weird? I was gone from the 20th-27th and it feels like I was gone for a month. Seriously, vacation is fun but getting back to regular life afterward is weird and seems to take forever. So here’s what you missed:

IMG_2577A very talkative gentleman on my flight from NC to FL bought me my first birthday beer of the day. It was at like 9:30 in the morning but try not to judge, it was my birthday after all.

IMG_2583This is basically what I did the entire time in FL. I mean, sure we went to St. Augustine and saw The Fountain of Youth and learned about how Ponce de Leon is the real discoverer of America (at the time it felt like I was learning a lot about history but in retrospect I feel like the info might have been a bit biased…) and obviously we went out to eat a lot but mostly we spent the whole time just chilling out. The weather looked like this pretty much every day:

IMG_2584Feel free to hate on me a little bit. I spent some great quality time with my mom and my sister-in-law and soaked up several weeks’ worth of Vitamin D. So I flew back to the Midwest and then took the Amtrak back to the frozen tundra on Wednesday and then this last weekend I went to visit a friend who just bought her first house. I thought I would be helping them move but it turned out they were pretty much done with that, so we did a 5 mile run instead. Yeah, 5 miles. It was a long one for me. Pogs and a few buddies were already signed up for the run, but one of them had a sinus infection so I used her bib and gave it a shot. Just call me Cathy Wisinger.

IMG_2665I ran at a consistent and slow turtle’s pace and finished the run in an hour and 3 minutes. So yeah, I rock a 12 minute mile. Just sign me up for the next Olympics guys, I’ve already bought the trophy case. We got a few of these as a reward:

IMG_2664And then I took a little rest on the bar

IMG_2670I’m glad I did it, but my legs are still sore as…….I don’t know, something that is really frickin’ sore. Don’t worry folks, our regularly scheduled programming of cooking and baking starts again tonight. I made the grocery list, I have the recipes, I’m getting back on track.

5 thoughts on “Where have I been? I went to FL & I ran 5 miles

  1. Aw, man, I’m totally going to hate on you, because I really do miss St. Augustine! πŸ˜‰ I lived seven years there (including college) and loved every minute. Sounds like it was a good vacation!

  2. St. Augustine is one of my favorite towns in Florida! Congrats on running 5 miles! Aren’t holidays in sunny places energizing πŸ™‚ Looking forward to see how your croissants would turn out. On another note, do you have a recommendation for a good pastry brush? The hairs of mine keep falling off and it drives me arghhhhh…

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