French Fridays with Dorie – Coeur a la Creme

IMG_0153Obviously this did not turn out great. It looks like a huge flat pancake boob. Yes it’s true, I didn’t buy a special heart mold to make this in and instead used my conical strainer but in my defense, I thought I would be able to shape it a little bit after I unmolded it. I did sort of half-assed attempt to find the mold, meaning I went to one store and they didn’t have it so I gave up, but then I just thought “Be like Tim Gunn, Maggie – make it work!” Wow, I just googled it hoping to steal an image from somewhere and lots of people made this work. Like, lots of people.

Ugh, yesterday was just not my day. I had to work until 6 PM and were you aware that working until 6 PM does not lend itself kindly to making a delicious and timely meal for Valentine’s Day? I planned to make a homemade Chicken Pot Pie which doesn’t sound fancy but it’s Tristan’s favorite and I make a very nice pot pie. Unfortunately, pot pie takes some work. What with making the crust and letting it chill, chopping the veggies and the chicken and making the filling and letting it thicken, putting it together, baking it, & cooling it, it’s kind of a process. I did make the crust at work so I cut that step out, but everything else I started at 6:35 when I got home from work. So yeah, we ate dinner at 8:50. But this was our dinner:

IMG_2549Admittedly it’s not my best work, but I was pressed for time and it’ll do. Now back to this flat boobish thing. This is what it was supposed to look like:

IMG_2552Can you see why I thought I could mold it into a heart? I mean that looks like a pretty sturdy piece of crustless cheesecake right? Wrong! Mine was kind of like a gelatinous, whipped cream consistency cheesecake. And guess what – I have two of them! The recipe did not fit into the strainer I had planned on using so I hauled out the other one and now I have two piles of this delicious but not great looking goo in my fridge. Maybe I will make a crust tonight and pour it in there and bake it for a little and see what happens. That sounds fun. Also when I added the raspberry coulis that I made to the mix, it just looks like a crime scene photo. Just not great.

IMG_0162Coeur a la Creme is so not my jam. Sorry Doristas, I tried.

IMG_0159I’m at the point now where I just want to keep making fun of it though. Look at that sad, sad, pile of goo. Hahaha I am reminded of one of my favorite parts of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion and I will leave you with that.




21 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Coeur a la Creme

  1. Flat pancake boob, huh? I guess I feel grateful that mine stayed “dip” texture so that I could scoop into a serving dish and call it a day.
    That pot pie looks pretty good to me.
    I hear you on the work thing. I started dinner at ~6:00 – I think we ate at 7:30. The kid goes to bed at 8:00 (weird for a high school senior, right?).

  2. That pot pie looks fantastic! I’m pretty sure even my best wouldn’t measure up to that. Good on you for banging out a terrific Valentine’s Day dinner after a hard day’s work! As for the cream heart – well, at least it was tasty, right? Sorry it didn’t set up for you! I’m curious how it would end up if you baked it like a cheesecake, I’m almost tempted to do it myself.

  3. I’m sorry this didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, but I loved your post – I needed a Friday morning laugh! I did buy the mold but ran out of time – too bad we don’t live closer to each other!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. It might not be heart shaped but I bet it tasted great Maggie. You made chicken pot pie for godยดs sake! You know, we normally eat dinner at 9pm in this country, sometimes later in the summer or if we go out. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, Maggie, you are priceless and I am so happy you are a part of our FFWD group. First, I do not know what a pancake boob looks like so I can’t compare. Your Coeur looks no different than mine – I put the leftover batter in a strainer and unmolded, what i prefer to call a half-a-baseball, as a result. Throw a little sauce on it and it probably looked like a crime scene but I didn’t relate the two. On the other hand, your chicken pot pie looks fabulous. It got me to thinking and I don’t think in the 26 years of our marriage I ever stayed in the kitchen until 8:50 pm to make him a meal on any night but most assuredly, not on Valentine’s Day. You are a good wife. Keep it up.

  6. So impressed you started making chicken pot pie after a work day. You are amazing, woman! Thanks for the giggles about your “boob”. I had a similar trial, in that I didn’t want to buy a special piece of equipment (getting so practical in my old age), used a strainer and attempted a heart imprint by embedding a twisted piece of foil — how Martha, n’est pas? ๐Ÿ™‚ Getting it ready to post here in a few minutes…

  7. You are hilarious and I enjoyed that cute movie clip. On a more serious note- I am utterly impressed that you even attempted to knock this out along with that amazing pot pie with the heart- seriously, you should get an award or something ๐Ÿ™‚ I love pot pie and if anyone (hubby I am looking at you but he doesn’t read blogs so doesn’t know this) even made me such a thing….especially with the little heart and all…I think I would weep openly. And then eat the entire thing. Which is basically what I have been doing with the couer a la creme ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy French Friday ~

  8. Laughing at your description of it as a flat pancake boob – I hadn’t thought of that! I had a “boob” shape too. The pot pie with the heart is so sweet – Tristan is a lucky guy.

  9. That’s too funny! so if you had a flat boob, then I had a 2 boob hump!!!! I guess you had to be in Austin today to see my unmolding!!!….but if it tastes good, then go with it. I do love your pot pie heart!

  10. I gussied mine up with some chocolate sauce and kiwi fruit, sort of going with an 80s graffiti patterned flower theme (or something). It doesn’t matter how it looks, however, as long as it’s delicious. And your pot pie looks lovely, even if it’s not up to your standards.

  11. Maggie, You are so funny, but when you put all that work into something it is disappointing!! Reading all the descriptions of the Coeur a la Creme are hysterical!! A flat pancake boob, Iโ€™ve never seen that! I would bet if you put it back into the strainer and left it for another 12 hours or more it would solidify!
    Your pot pie is gorgeous! I am so impressed that you made it when you got home from work at 6:30 pm!

  12. Who cares about the goopy dessert when you have a chicken pot pie like that to eat for dinner? I love the heart on top. Hope you and Tristan had a happy Valentine’s day.

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