Cookie Time!

IMG_0110I’ve weirdly had a lot of time off this week and it has afforded me the time to think, bake, do my Bar Method DVD several times (ugh, I hate her but she knows her stuff), and read. Other than the whole exercise portion, these are literally all my favorite things to do! Well actually I don’t ever just sit around and think, I mean who does that? Every time they show someone pensively sitting around staring out a window or something in a movie I always think “I would never, ever do that.” Being left alone with your thoughts? Sounds gross. I like to keep my brain busy people!

And this week it was busy making cookies. Delicious cookies from two of my newer cookbook purchases, the Joy the Baker Cookbook and Pure Vanilla. The cookies on the left are Joy’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (minus the nuts + some white chocolate chips) and the little beauties on the right are called Vanilla Snaps.

IMG_0107The Brown Butter Cookies are excellent – EXCELLENT! Basically it’s just a regular ol’ chocolate chip cookie recipe but you take half the butter and brown it in a saucepan before adding it to the creamed butter and sugar. I’m sure you could do this with any chocolate chip cookie recipe and you would be adding that awesome toasty layer of flavor. Since you pour melted butter in there you have to give the dough a little rest in the fridge before you bake it but it’s not an unbearably long time before these can be in your face! I’d like to link to the recipe or something but I can’t seem to find it online and I feel ill at ease about being the first one to post it. Just buy her book okay? It’s really cheap and chock full of great recipes. Totally worth your $12, I swear. Plus she is cute and funny and I’d like her to stay successful in her field. Help a girl out.

Now onto the Vanilla Snaps. They look so simple and kind of plain in the pic right? Well they are not! They are amazing and crisp and just slightly sweet with a bang of vanilla flavor and a little salty kick. Basically they are one of the most dangerous cookies I have ever baked because I could probably eat like 20 without realizing it. I blame their cracker-ish consistency. In the book it says you can crush these up to become the crust of a cheesecake but I kind of couldn’t bear to do it. Plus I had a better idea. We had a Chocolate cooking class at work the other night and there was some leftover ganache that needed to find a home….what better real estate than between two delicious cookies? These Ganache-Filled Vanilla Snaps are not like breaking new ground in baking history or anything but they are seriously delicious.

IMG_2447The deep, dark chocolate flavor just pops and makes these little sandwich cookies divine. Basically they are like homemade E.L. Fudges x infinity. I think there is one left and I am totally going to snag it after I’m done writing this post. Also, did you happen to notice my cute new mustache mug? I got it at Target last weekend and I definitely think you should love yourself enough to buy one too. On their website you can only buy the set but in the stores they’re $3.99 each and they make morningtimes more fun. Go get one.

In other news, WordPress informed me that this is my Blog-a-versary. I guess one year ago today I decided to give this blogging thing another go. I already talked about it a little in my 100th post, but I’m super glad I’ve stuck with it and I plan to keep on going until I can’t think of any more new things to cook or bake or any more dumb things to say. Seems like that’ll take awhile though so it’s safe to say I’ll be here for a bit.

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