My First Baguettes


So remember how I made that pizza a few days ago? In the instructions it said “Snip off a small piece of dough to use for Mixed-Starter Bread.” So I did. I wrapped it up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge, then forgot about it for a few days. Then on Tuesday I found it and thought, “What the hell?” So I started following the directions laid out for this mixed starter bread and 2 days later, we have baguettes! The instructions say that you need to leave this dough to rise somewhere with a temperature between 80-85 degrees but seriously, there is nowhere in my house where it is ever that warm unless I am a really unhappy person. Anyone recall when my air conditioner broke this last summer? Being hot is one of my least favorite things. So to try to get anywhere near that temp, I put this little ball of dough in my oven with the oven light on there it lived for the last two days in between feedings (I know some people are weirded out by yeast being ALIVE, but I really dig it). Yesterday I brought everything to work with me and created these beautiful baguettes in between waiting on customers and checking in a huge pile of new scarves. Fun! This was definitely a long and involved process, but very worthwhile. I will not mind doing it again at all when we get to that recipe as a group. I mean, I made baguettes people! And they were good and crusty and impressive-looking! It’s kind of a red letter day in my baking life. Baguettes for everyone!


18 thoughts on “My First Baguettes

  1. awesome! I’m a little nervous about making baguettes myself. Husband really wants me to try, but I worry about the starter. I’ve always kinda dug the idea of yeast being alive too, but that just makes me nervous about keeping it alive! Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much. Your bread looks fantastic!

  2. Great bread baking! We make bread every time we do Italian food at our house. Now I wish I’d saved a starter piece…looks so inviting. #2 Son’s favorite food is homemade bread…I’m sure he’d love yours.

  3. Maggie, look at what people comment! They Love how you present what you do!
    I do also, and think that your writing is exceptional.
    You make me a proud Father – Love Dad

  4. You.are.hilarious. You had me chuckling when you said you would get to the apples were not lazy because you did the bread- too funny. But my favorite was your reaction to finding the starter after a few days and thinking WTH πŸ™‚ Those are some especially awesome looking baguettes for all the multi tasking you did !!

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