French Fridays with Dorie – Herb Speckled Spaetzle (okay, okay it was a French Sunday)


Warning!! Totally unhealthy statement to follow: I could eat buttered spaetzle every day of my life. I realize that it’s only flour, milk, eggs & salt but it is so satisfying to me. I read that some people were indifferent about this recipe but I have been wanting to make it since I bought the book last year so I was very keen. My being a few days late with it might make it seem otherwise, but trust me, I was excited. Once a year during the summer we go to a restaurant nearby called the Dorf Haus for a huge Bavarian Smorgasbord and it’s one of my favorite events of the season. All the food is brown and white and kind of unappealing-looking but it all tastes great. Plus there is a polka band, and the German in me loves to get down to a little Roll Out the Barrel.

I had planned on making these lovely little beauties with a boneless leg of lamb that my Daddio gave us for Christmas but events conspired against me. And by events I mean inventory, being invited out to dinner with friends, and then just plain forgetting to make them when I finally made the lamb roast last night. I made these potatoes instead, which were very good. See:

IMG_2356But this morning while I was sitting in bed with my coffee paging through the interwebs it suddenly occurred to me that I am a moron and forgot to make the spaetzle. So I made it for lunch today with a side of smoked chicken (also from the Daddio). I decided to try to make only a third of the recipe which really taxed my math-stupid brain vis-a-vis dividing the flour but it all turned out okay in the end.


I threw in a little more flour after this because I thought it was just a smidge too runny and we were in business. I elected to use a cheese grater as my spaetzle maker and it worked pretty well. Confession: though I work in a store where we sell all the best kitchen stuff on the planet, I still use a whole lot of the things my mom bought me from the dollar store when I left for college, including this cheese grater. I could replace it, but you know what they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


I decided to eat these unadorned since it seemed like kind of a lot of work for lunch and I basically just wanted to stick my face in the bowl after they were all coated in butter anyway. This was Tristan’s lunch:


And this was mine:


It’s hard to tell from this pic, but that’s a big-ass bowl of spaetzle. And it was glorious. I feel compelled to say that I took all the photos of the spaetzle with the new camera Tristan gave me for Christmas and I am loving it. Still learning about how to use it, but loving it. I will definitely make these spaetzle again. Me and my stout German thighs will love every buttery bite! If you would like to join me in my quest to thwart everyone’s diet plans everywhere, here’s the recipe.

12 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Herb Speckled Spaetzle (okay, okay it was a French Sunday)

  1. After seeing everyone’s spaetzle posts, I have a much better idea of what it should look like. My partner loved it, so I will be tweaking the gluten-free version some more, soon. Yours look perfect – I can understand why you skipped the chicken and went straight for the dumplings.

  2. Also, I’m a big believer in using my utensils and kitchenware until they wear out. New gadgets are great, but it’s nice knowing I’m not adding to landfill any more than I have to, so I’m in full support of the grater you’ve had since your college days.

  3. I am not sure how spaetzle fits into the French theme but I am also a lover of these delicious and easy to make little dumplings. Yum! I especially like to serve them with lamb but I will eat them plain or with anything. I am going to make them soon! Thanks for the inspiration, Maggie.

  4. Before trying this recipe I only made the spaetzle with butter and chopped parsley.
    It was cooked in water with two chicken bouillon cubes thrown in to give it flavor.
    I could just eat that forever, who needs meat? Your looks great as does your
    lamb and potatoes. Happy New Year.

  5. Stout German thighs = 🙂

    I have to admit, I can be stubborn about replacing things. If I need something new, I will go ahead and splurge; but if it’s already in the drawer, I tend to use it until its past usefulness…

    Those potatoes just look like they need to be on a plate in front of me right now. Just saying…

  6. I intentionally skipped this recipe cos I had no idea what spaetzle was and I didn’t have the energy to be curious! sounds like I totally missed out! I’ll have to go back to it one day. Your photos are great, I got a camera for xmas too! But I’m not ready to tackle the instruction manual!

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