French Fridays with Dorie – Gougeres


Celery Root Puree was the recipe this week but ummmmmmmm no. Just no. I can’t. So I made some cheesy bread poufs instead. These were the first recipe the Doristas made when this whole FFWD business began and I gotta say I was really sorry to have missed them. I do actually plan on making all the (appealing) recipes I’ve missed at some point but I was particularly looking forward to these. Bread + cheese = 100% a good idea. I made these super-easy little cocktail nibbles for our Festivus celebration but then I decided we had enough food probably so I froze them before I baked them.

In case you’re like “What’s Festivus?” here’s a little overview:

We had a Festivus shindig with our neighbors, complete with the traditional Festivus pole (made by Tristan)


That’s our neighbor Jason wrapping himself around the Festivus pole while enjoying a turkey leg. Yeah, we had a good time. The gougeres were overkill that night so I made them last night to go with Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese which you should all try even if you hate buffalo wings like I do. It’s pretty flippin’ great. Having the gougeres ready to go in the freezer was so nice and easy. I just baked them for a few minutes longer and they puffed up all brown and beautiful and cheesy-like.


I used the same “stinky” Gruyere in these that I made the crackers with last week and it was equally delicious. Stinky cheeses are the best cheeses after all. There are still some left in the freezer that I plan on making sometime during my dad’s upcoming visit. We’re also going to make the Finnish Pulla together and I was thinking of making him a Pizza Rustica too. Lots of good cooking coming up in the next few days! We’re also going to see either Les Miserables or The Hobbit or both. Good stuff.


Found a link to the recipe online if you want to give them a try (and I just know you do).

15 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Gougeres

  1. You didn’t miss anything with the celery root. Most of my family liked it, so I was in the minority. I would have much rather had gougeres instead. I’m planning on revisiting a lot of recipes myself, and that’s definitely one I want to do. Yours look great!

  2. Ohhh, Buffalo chicken mac n cheese is a favorite in this house. Gougeres with it = great idea… But how can anyone hate Buffalo wings??? 😦 (Says the girl from Upstate NY)
    Love the idea of a Festivus party 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy Festivus, Maggie! I keep meaning to make the gougeres again. Gotta say that Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese looks amazing. I’m adding it to the list of recipes to try. I saw Les Miserables. I give it thumbs up.

  4. You really did make the best choice! I love the gougeres, and I love that they can go in the freezer and get popped in the oven when you need something delicious! And pulla! Wow, you’ve had a lot of good food (and fun) going on! Nice!! Happy New Year!

  5. Maggie, your Cheese Puffs look wonderful and delicious – they really have a wonderful color! I would like to take the opportunity to send you and your family the very best wishes for the new year!

  6. Gourgeres were a good choice for the first recipe the group tackled, because they’re so wonderful – glad you caught up on them. I loved what you said about making sure to catch up on the rest of the (appealing) recipes, too. Happy New Year!

  7. I was a little grumpy about you not making the celery root purée but you are sooooo forgiven because your gougères look absolutely fantastic. I also wasn’t on board at the beginning and made them later. After seeing your beauties, I’m going back to try again. Good call on not adding to the gluttony with those little gems while dancing around the Festivus pole. I’ll probably see Les Miz on New Year’s Day, a good afternoon-alone-activity. I did see The Hobbit, hadn’t read the books nor usually into stuff like that but I loved it. Probably not a good idea to see Django with your Dad. Happy New Year, Maggie, to you and your family.

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