Baking with Julia – Gingerbread Babycakes


Though I don’t consider myself to be a last-minute person generally, for some reason I always seem to do these Baking with Julia assignments just in the nick of time. Thus, I just finished photographing and eating my babycakes. I know the recipe says Baby Cakes but my mom has always called me “babycakes” as a nickname and I like it better that way. I have the day off (which feels great by the way) and I noticed something while I was baking and cleaning up my kitchen – I kind of hate being home in the middle of the day because the harsh light of day reveals every single speck of dirt everywhere and makes me feel like I’m a terrible housekeeper. I much prefer baking, cooking, cleaning, and (let’s be honest) getting naked in soft, gentle lighting that masks things like dust, dirt, and fat. Though I will say that natural light is great for photography. I will say that.


So was everyone else a little put off by the huge amount of molasses in this sucker?? I mean look at it –  I think we’d all agree that that’s a shitload of molasses! The recipe came together just like Dorie said it would and since I didn’t have exactly the right pans, I broke out my collection of mini pie plates and got cracking. I was a little afraid of them sticking but I buttered and floured like a madwoman and they came out beautifully.


I did have to bake them for like 20 minutes longer than the recipe stated but I figured that had to do with me using different pans. The cakes have a really great brownie-like texture – crunchy and chewy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside. The molasses flavor is pretty strong but I like that. I made some whipped cream to go on top and since it’s weird global warming winter here (seriously it’s December 4th in the Frozen Tundra and it’s 50 degrees F)  my mint plant still looks great and it helped me out by contributing some cutesy little sprigs for garnish. I’ll be distributing these to friends, co-workers, and neighbors and I hope they dig them as much as I do. If you want to make some babycakes of your own, check out Karen’s Kitchen Stories for the recipe.


14 thoughts on “Baking with Julia – Gingerbread Babycakes

  1. Okay, those are some pretty awesome cakes. The addition of cream and that lovely little sprig of mint is perfect. Glad you weren’t turned off by that shitload of molasses. (still giggling about that by the way) I think I need a measuring cup with that increment. ;o)

  2. I goofed and used blackstrap molasses…ick! They were pretty good nonetheless, but they would have been so much better with the regular stuff.

    PS…I had to giggle about the harsh sunlight…I totally agree!

  3. I kind of freaked out about using two cups of molasses – which contributed to my only making a half batch.
    And yes, the dirt, dust and hair all show up a heckuva a lot more in the day light. Dark is a friend…
    Your cakes look great!

  4. Very nice, especially with that lovely dollop of whipped cream and the mint on top! These were definitely some high-flavored cupcakes. Sounds like you really enjoyed them!

  5. Those look good! I’m later than you since I didn’t bake them at all. That is a shitload of molasses, and I can’t think of a better way to describe it. I agree with you about dust during the day. That’s why I like that it gets dark so early these days.

  6. You bake the recipes in the nick of time but you always have ‘progress shots’ 🙂 My mint plant is dead and I am jealous of your cutesy mint…Love the color of your babycakes!

  7. Well at least you did them in the nick of time…I’m a day late! It was a lot of molasses! I actually read the recipe twice because I thought I misread it! Your cakes look lovely, especially with the whipped cream!

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