Color Me Rad Madison 2012

So this is me after finishing the Color Me Rad 5k on Saturday morning. I look like I had fun, right? Well I did! I would highly recommend this run for people of any fitness level. There were tons of kids and families running it and I even saw a man pushing a grown woman in a running stroller. And he wasn’t walking. It was pretty impressive especially since we weren’t on a paved path the entire time. We ended up walking for two short periods in the middle but I am fine with that because we had a blast and I felt great afterwards.

And here’s the whole team right before we ran into Target to use the bathrooms and change out of our soaking wet clothes! The weather was not the greatest but it wasn’t the worst either. Just rainy and chilly – trust me, in WI it could have been worse this time of year.

Most people wore white head-to-toe so that they could get really noticeably tie-dyed. I thought this guy’s outfit was the best:

So if you think you might want to try running but you don’t want tons of pressure, give this one a try. This video will help convince you that you want to do it, I’m sure.

I’m thinking of signing up for something called the Turkey Trot next month. I might be getting addicted to this 5K thing. I really like the t-shirts…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Color Me Rad Madison 2012

  1. Looks like fun! I would love to start running again, and something like this looks fun and low pressure. Plus, the shirts are pretty cool.

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