French Fridays with Dorie – Warm Scallop Salad with Basil, Corn, & Nectarines

I love scallops! LOVE them! This however was the first time I had ever made them because I live in WI and there is kind of a dearth of fresh seafood here. Obviously I could buy frozen but since Tristan doesn’t eat shellfish I just don’t. I just order them at restaurants or eagerly await going home to MN where my dad will make me shrimp and scallops and fish galore! But since I have this awesome friend Susan who does buy fresh seafood from the seafood market in Madison, I asked her if she would pick some up for me too and here we are. Thanks Susan!

I decided to make this as a fancy lunch for me and my coworkers on Tuesday and I felt like a personal chef or something as I packed up all my shizz at home and brought it to the store to put together this nice little lunch. Coincidentally I had made the galettes for BWJ that day too so we had a right little feast! I used my cast-iron grill pan and I was surprised that it didn’t give more of a sear. Kind of a disappointed to not have that nice crunch on the outside but I didn’t want to overcook the scallops. Verdict: I thought this was super yummy but I probably won’t make it again just because it was sort of putzy with a lot of ingredients and my husband won’t eat it. I’m glad that I made it though because Bek, Kathy, and I got to pretend we were fancy ladies who lunch instead of doing what we normally do which is stuff our faces super quick in the office or behind the desk. Yay for little luxuries!

18 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Warm Scallop Salad with Basil, Corn, & Nectarines

  1. I live in OK but since we now have a Whole Foods we get pretty good fresh seafood. I was lucky enough to get scallops on the day they arrived. Always fun to be a fancy lady lunching:) Your salad and galette look great.

  2. I bring baked goods to work now and then as I don’t like them sitting at home. I never even thought about cooking a lunch for them. I just may have to do that. Not sure I want to spoil them that much though! Beautifully plated salad!

  3. Love your “ladies that lunch” note! That is so cute. Oh, and both your salad and galette look amazing!! (it must be the week for it, lots of people making those galettes out of the blue , I made some too the other night!)

  4. I hope your co-workers know how lucky there are. What a great treat for them (and you). I enjoyed this salad, though I’d eat seared scallops with anything. I loved the summery ingredients in this one. The berry galette was a perfect dessert.

  5. Maggie, two very lovely looking fancy dishes! The salad looks deliciois and so does the Galette! I love that post! Unfortunately, I had to skipp this week`s recipe (no such luck finding these wonderful scallops around here). Have a wonderful week!

  6. Thx for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I always love participating in this group. Wish I could make it happen every week. Your plating is lovely anf that bread – OMG! Gorgeous!

  7. Very nice! I agree that this was a dish worthy of getting fresh scallops. Everything else was so super fresh that frozen scallops seemed somehow wrong. They were easy to cook, too! I am glad we got to try it!

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