French Fridays with Dorie – Tomato Cheese Tartlets

Tomorrow is the day – I’m leaving for MN to run that Dirty Girl Mud Run thing with my mom and my friend Pogs and I am pretty surprised by how excited I am. I mean of course I am excited to spend time with family and friends but I actually am looking forward to the event itself. Who knew? I made these little tartlets on Tuesday night and I LOVED them! I went a little rogue as you can see, but they turned out great!

So lets talk puff pastry. I didn’t make the puff pastry from scratch because hello! I’m not going to make myself do that until I have to for Baking with Julia so I used the frozen Pepperidge Farm kind that I happened to have in my freezer. I don’t know what annoys me more, that recipes always only call for one sheet of this stuff or that the sheets aren’t individually packed and there’s no good way to save the unused sheet in its own box and wrapping without it getting all dried out and ice-crystally. Ugh. When I was rolling it out I thought “Why would I cut this into rounds and waste some of it? I’ll just cut it in 4 rectangles – that’s way smarter.” After I did that and baked it, I realized that the directions say to place the tomatoes and mozzarella in concentric circles and the reason emerges – concentric circles don’t look nearly as nice on a rectangle. Hmmmm. So I opted to go rustic with halved grape tomatoes and little mozzy balls. I actually did use the 5 ripe cherry tomatoes that I grew my very own self on my back deck in this dish too but you can’t really tell which ones they are.

Look at those beauties! 🙂 A few weeks ago I made this amazing Nectarine Pizza with Basil & Balsamic

and I had some reduced balsamic left from that that I was really excited to use on these. Earlier in the day I had stopped in at work to steal some of Bek’s frozen pesto from the fridge and I was excited to use it but after it had thawed and I opened it up, I saw that it was all black and weird looking. Maybe the container wasn’t properly sealed in the freezer?? So the pesto thing was out the window. I decided to spread two of the pastry sheets with mascarpone (still trying to use it up) and the other two I drizzled with the super syrupy-thick reduced balsamic – yum! I distributed the tomatoes and mozza balls evenly and then I added some gorgonzola crumbles to two of them as well. Tristan had already said he wasn’t into eating these for dinner so I knew I could make them just for me, thus the addition of some stinky cheese.

I put these under the broiler at first but the cheese wasn’t melting and the tomatoes weren’t doing the bursty thing I wanted them to do (plus I got sick of laying on my stomach on the floor and watching them like a hawk) so I ended up putting them in a 400 degree oven for like 5 minutes to finish. Then I drizzled more of the reduced balsamic over all of them with some olive oil and salt and pepper and the prettiness of some basil chiffonade and miniature basil leaves – ugh, so pretty.

I really loved these and yes, I ate all four of them. Well three of them for dinner and one for lunch the next day. I was surprised that the puff pastry didn’t get soggy or anything and that it made such a nice little meal. These will definitely be made in my kitchen again!

15 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Tomato Cheese Tartlets

  1. Yes! That always gets me about the puff packaging! I’m going to have to use mine up making more tarts tomorrow though. So this time I will let it pass. Yours look so beautiful with the basil strewn all over!

  2. This recipe was a hit with me too, and I agree, they pastry doesn´t get soggy. The idea of mascarpone with all that basil is great! If you need to use it substitute it for the sour cream in your next coffee cake. I just love your nectarine pizza! Have a good weekend.

  3. Your tarts look amazing. I like the idea of the balsamic drizzle too. We liked these, though I did a bit more of a taste-off, since I was making pesto too (and I guess I’m a bit commitment phobic too!)

  4. What I love about your Posts, Maggie, is that it’s never pretty but you always get there and have a great result. I especially enjoyed the “lying on your stomach” part of this week’s Post. And, you’re a square, that’s for sure. When I think of Maggie, I think “square”. Personally, I think round goes on square very well and who wants to waste puff pastry scraps. Your pizza looked fantastic. I’m into making pizza on the grill also. I hope you got a Gold Medal at the Dirty Girl Mud Run — whatever that is!

  5. Totally scrumptious looking results- I do the square thing a lot with pastries or doughs, because (ahem; embarrassment here), I seem to have a hell of a time getting anything to roll out properly round!

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