Vosges Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies aka The Most Expensive Box Mix Ever!

This weekend I went to Chicago for my first time as a grown-up. I have gone through the Chicago airport before to connect other flights and actually spent a weird 26 hours there because of bad weather one time, but I’ve never just gone to Chicago since I was 10 and went with my Aunt Ardis for a weekend. Technically I went there this weekend on “business” because I was with my boss and her mother and we attended the big Chicago Merchandise Mart Gift Show so I wasn’t really at my leisure or anything but we stayed in a swank hotel right by the river and I did get to see a little of the city. One of the lines we sell at the store is Vosges Haut Chocolate – ever heard of it? They are very delicious, very fancy, kind of expensive candy bars that we go through like crazy. Vosges makes lots of other things like caramels and truffles and even ice creams but we just handle the bars, the most popular for us being the Mo’s Bacon Bar. If you’ve never tried it, get thee to a Whole Foods or somewhere else near you where they’re sold because they are pretty great.

But anyway, back to the Chicago thing – Vosges is a Chicago company and Bek and I really wanted to go to one of their actual store locations because the packaging on the products is really beautiful and we were interested to see how they would style their stores. After a somewhat confusing hike through the downtown area, we managed to find the one on the Magnificent Mile (the shopping, oh the shopping we could have done if we weren’t kind of on a sched) and it was predictably beautiful. We only had about 15 minutes before they closed so we didn’t really get to linger but I decided to buy something that we don’t sell just for fun and I picked The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. That’s a pretty bold statement to make and at $18 a pop it has a lot to live up to wouldn’t you say?

I LOVE the chicken foot tongs in this photo. I plan to google them later and see if they can be purchased without having to bankrupt myself. The cookies were kind of labor intensive, requiring two different chills and a new-to-me way of forming the cookies:

The directions were also VERY specific about rack placement in the oven and baking time and I followed them totally to the letter. Tristan and I each had a cookie last night after they had cooled for about 10 minutes and they were pretty great. I chose to make the larger ones and I got about 14 cookies out of the batch.

Because of the cost these are obviously not an everyday cookie for most people (and definitely not for me) but I did really enjoy the process and the feeling of decadence. I have today off so I’m thinking of making some vanilla ice cream from The Perfect Scoop and either making ice cream sandwiches or cookie sundaes with them. I’ll report back on those. Final verdict – worth it for the experience and I would probably buy it again because they have a great texture and the chocolate quality is out of this world!

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