French Fridays with Dorie – Salmon with Basil/Mint/Mango Chatini

A little late on this one girlies, but I’m here! So I’ve mentioned before that I take total advantage of Netflix while cooking and doing housework but I also have another ace up my sleeve – HBO GO! It’s the best app ever because my Daddio has HBO through Dish and by using his account I can watch any show that’s ever been on HBO plus any movie that’s currently playing on any of the HBO channels. This sounds like an ad for HBO but it’s not, it’s just my enthusiasm. I’m currently watching Sister Act while I blog this and I’m loving it.

This movie is so amazingly fun. I used to watch it with the Daddio when I was little and it makes me so happy. Whoopi, Kathy Najimy, Maggie Smith – it doesn’t get better than that! Anyway HBO GO is also how I keep up to date with awesome things like True Blood & Girls so if you don’t have the app – definitely get it. I don’t know when HBO will get wise to the fact that all of us young poors are piggybacking on our wealthier relations but until they do it’s on baby!

Back to this salmon though – I took another Food Saver pack of salmon out of the freezer for this recipe plus a bag of salmon bitlets that my mom bought last time she was visiting and never used. I opted out of the olive tapenade because olives are not really my bag and decided to make that mango chatini instead. Chatini? That’s a weird word -reminds me of chutney which of course reminds me of Schmidt from New Girl. Love him!

Honestly I could do a whole post about how much I love Schmidt but I’ll restrain myself to this one pic of this magnificent bastard. When he added an extra syllable to chutney it really cemented my love – chut-en-ey!!!

Mangoes are tough sometimes aren’t they? I’ve destroyed a few trying to get the nut (seed?) out so this time I just peeled it and cut all around where I thought the nut would be. Seemed to work just fine. I gave my huge mint and basil plants a trim and got this chatini and basil/mint sauce all mixed up in here. Tristan is a meat & potatoes kind of guy so I roasted some baby reds to go with this yummy fish and dinner was ready to go. Yum!

The last few times I’ve made fish for FFWD I always say I should cook fish more. I’m so glad I’m in this group because for some reason it’s not something I gravitate towards naturally, but I’m always glad when I do. Thanks Doristas!

10 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Salmon with Basil/Mint/Mango Chatini

  1. We love fish, especially salmon, so we’ve been really grateful that the seafood section in this cookbook is so great. It’s always good to add something new to the rotation. Speaking of that, Trevor’s post has links to some of his favourite salmon recipes and they look really good.

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