Purple basil = new obsession, basil in general – the love continues

I went a little overboard with the basil this year. I have three pots of regular sweet basil and my last trip to the farmer’s market sent me home with lemon basil, purple basil, and Thai basil. Cripes! But seriously, basil is the best. Every summer I make Giada’s Italian Lemonade a few times and last week I made it for the first time this summer with four different kinds of basil. Slap my ass and call me fancy! I also used some of the purple basil when I made Creamy Basil Chicken last night for din-din and look how pretty!

Fresh herbs make everything prettier don’t they? Even though my plants were on the wee side, I used some delicious fresh basil when I made homemade pizza last week too. Yummy!

So basically this post is just an ode to basil. I love it so. Even my hand soap and dish soap are the Mrs. Meyer’s Basil scent. Next basil endeavor will be lemon basil ice cream. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Purple basil = new obsession, basil in general – the love continues

  1. I will let you have ALL of the basil…all of the colours, flavours and kinds…you can have it all. Basil is one of the ONLY foods that I absolutely despise and despite your photos looking enticing and scrumptious, they have been despoiled by that hideous green mass of aniseed. Oh, by the way…making it purple DIDN’T FOOL ME AT ALL! 😉

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