Quiche & The Avengers!

Look at this beautiful spread y’all! The bridal shower was a huge success and it was so pretty and you guys the quiches – the quiches! They were so good! I looked through the completed recipes and it looks like we’ve only done one as a group so far so I am super excited to make the other two again. Tristan was really upset that he didn’t get to try any of them so I know he’ll be happy when I have to make them again too! Look how pretty the veggies were for the quiche maraichere

I have to say that it was so comforting to just open AMFT and know that I would be able to find what I needed within. Do you know what I mean? Dorie really helped me out in this busy week and I so appreciate it! Just a quick note to say the busy weekend is over and it was really fun and I had a great time relaxing with my husband and seeing The Avengers this afternoon! Joss Whedon is basically the king of my creative universe and I bow down at his altar. He is the literal best.

In conclusion, the quiches were yummy and I love Joss Whedon like a love song baby! But you know, in a respectful way not a creepy one.

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