French Fridays with Dorie – Almond Sole Meuniere

Another foray into fish this week for French Fridays! Luckily I have a friend who has a lovely husband who likes to do the shopping. We sent him down to Madison to the seafood market while we had fun playing with our blogs and learning some new behind the scenes WordPress stuff. I know the recipe was for flounder but sole is so very Frenchy-French don’t you think? Tristan and I had both had a late-ish lunch so we weren’t super hungry but I knew it was best to cook the fish right away so into the pan it went with some browned butter and a crispy almond crust. It smelled heavenly while it was cooking, but seriously when does frying something in butter not smell delicious?

The sole cooked up really fast so I followed my friend Susan’s advice and had my side ready to go before I even put it in the pan. I have been wanting to try this parsley pesto for a long time but Tristan is not really about green pasta so I’ve been putting it off. I figured that since he wasn’t very hungry, he wouldn’t mind if I made it just for me!

It was really flavorful, super fast, and I really enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today. I mixed it up with some whole-wheat pasta and dinner was ready! I thought the sole was really yummy, but I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again – nuts are not my thing. I thought I could handle this one because almonds are the easiest nut for me to ignore and tolerate but I have to say that it wasn’t my favorite. I know, I know I’m terrible. I’m missing out on a whole delicious world of nuts (haha) blah, blah, blah. I’ll just have to live with it. But the butter did seriously help the situation 🙂

I know this post isn’t up to my usual verbose standards but it’s a busy week. We have a HUGE event at work on Friday that I will be running around for all day and all night and then on Saturday I have a bridal shower for a friend that I am making 3 quiches and an adult beverage for. Hopefully all my planning works out but I am feeling a little stressed, hence the shorty McShortster post. Catch you guys next week for fougasse!

23 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Almond Sole Meuniere

  1. Thanks! I picked 3 from AMFT so I don’t think I can go wrong – quiche maraichere, apple & Gorgonzola quiche, & spinach & bacon quiche. Veggies are all prepped and crusts are rolled out and frozen in the pans. Bring it big weekend!

  2. Good for you for giving it a try even if you do not like nuts. I happen to love nuts, but we all have a few food dislikes. But good to test them out every once in a while.

  3. Ooh–I adore all three of those quiches that you’re making. What a lucky bride-friend you have. Good thing I’m not invited, or you’d find me hiding in a closet with my face in three quiches. Simultaneously. I’m skilled like that. Back on topic–glad you liked the fish, despite the nuts. If you don’t like nuts, you don’t like nuts. Everyone’s got their thing. My thing is green beans. Shudder.

  4. Lucky guests, I love the two of your three quiches that I’ve tried before. I’m sure the last one is just as good. This easy recipe really fits into a busy week! And the green pasta looks like a great side! Nice job.

  5. Wow! I’m impressed that you managed to make this with your busy schedule, but then again, it is a really easy, quick dish. Bummer about the nuts, though. I hope you have a Great weekend!

  6. So many people don’t like nuts or have allergies to nuts, so you aren’t alone. Your fish looks so good. I hope you have a relaxing weekend after all your events are over with.

  7. Yours looks good with the pasta 🙂 I love the crunchy coating and the tender inside. Surely will make this again for the family ! Have a relaxed weekend when your events are over 🙂

  8. your fish looks oddly red…. was it that red when you finished with it? Wsa there pepper on yours? I dont like nuts with my food either but I didnt mind this one since I couldnt taste it and it had been ground so fine!

    • I think it might just be the crappy lighting in my dining room – we just have a really chintzy overhead chandelier thing so it’s not the greatest. There were some nice brown bits, but no red.

  9. Hi Maggie, Another good job!!!
    I will be harvesting my first crop of rhubarb this week so I will save you some.
    Your fish looks good – I cooked some Swai – Buffalo wing ShoreLunch breading!!
    Spicey but good. That fish is good and it only cost $1 / lb
    Rice and Shrimp with a Asaigo / peppercorn sauce – Goooood! for lunch yesterday.
    I bet money on the horse Hansen for the Derby – was up in the front but fadded to 7th!
    Bummmmmmer! Love Dad

    • Believe it or not Daddio, I actually watched the race & was rooting for Hansen too! Oh well. Your shrimp dish sounds really good but you know I will eat just about anything with shrimp. Love you!

  10. Maggie, I thought your Post was just fine, stress or no stress. Somehow I just believe you are a very organized person and those quiches will come together, especially if you are taste-testing adult beverages while you make them. Now, that’s an idea. I would love to know your friend Jon Hanson who just cooked Swai. That’s what I used for this recipe and, I will admit, it was delicious. BUT, I did some research on the fish’s origin and am not so sure about buying it and eating it again. Another Dorista used Swai and calmed me down but…….

  11. That’s my Daddio – he told me that it was an apt substitute and I tried some with him the last time I was home & liked it but now you’ve got me a bit worried…off to google. The quiches were really good – I can’t wait until we all make them together as a group!

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