Baking with Julia – Lemon Loaf Cake

This week’s Lemon Loaf Cake was our “easy” recipe for the month and I don’t think anyone could argue that this wasn’t super simple. I actually had all the ingredients on hand to make it last Tuesday on my day off so I didn’t even have to take a shower or change out of my yoga pants to go to the store. That’s always a bonus. My husband is one of those people who can’t not get cleaned up for the day but this trait has not rubbed off on me in the ten years we’ve been together. Maybe this makes me disgusting but if I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone, I have no problem with being dressed in my grubbies while I clean and cook and do all that kind of stuff. Am I in the minority here?

The recipe itself is even super short so I felt like I had to dress it up with my neat little line of farm fresh eggs. I never buy white eggs anymore. I’m sure there’s not a flavor difference really, but the brown eggs just look so sophisticated, don’t they? Instead of buttering and flouring the pan, I buttered and sugared the pan to sweeten this baby up just a little more. I’m nothing if not a sweet tooth.

My friend Susan had told me that you can make this substitution in any recipe that calls for buttering and flouring your pan and I hadn’t tried it yet so I just thought, what the hell? I think this is the first recipe that I haven’t had to fire up my trusty Kitchenaid for and it was kind of strange! Instead everything just got whisked in a big bowl until it was just mixed. Check out all this zest!

I had thought that this amount of zest would make for a REALLY lemony cake but the finished product just had a bare hint of lemon. I should have taken the juice of those suckers and made a glaze of some sort to make the lemon flavor really pop but I just decided to keep it simple and follow the recipe. I did make some whipped cream to dollop on the top though and instead of putting in vanilla like I usually do, I added some lemon extract. It gave the whipped cream a nice zing.

Just so others can learn from my mistakes, I once added a little lemon extract to a vodka tonic because we were out of lemons and I thought it would be an apt replacement….IT’S NOT! My lips were numb for like an hour after I drank it. It was really weird. This week’s hosts are Truc of Treats and Michelle from The Beauty of Life. Head over to one of their sites for the recipe if you want to have a little lemon loaf cake of your very own. Oh and I promised a friend I would include a link for the easiest and tastiest chicken breasts I have ever made! They were so good and so super simple! Try it! If you don’t like it, you did it wrong.

36 thoughts on “Baking with Julia – Lemon Loaf Cake

  1. Love the numb lip story! I also like to cook in my grubbies. I am not sure I would make this one again but I did like that it mixed up quickly and that you only used a whisk.

  2. Very nice looking Lemon Loaf Cake, great presentation. I also served stawberries and cream with the cake – a wonderful combination. I enjoyed reading your post!

  3. What a pretty loaf! When I was a kid I had convinced myself that vanilla extract would taste like super concentrated vanilla awesomeness and my mother did not dispell me of this notion and even *encouraged* me to try it. I feel your pain over the lemon extract.

  4. Your slices look great! I wish I had added some of the lemon juice, too. I love the idea of sugaring the pan instead of flouring it!

  5. I used the zest of 3 lemons for my cake – I don’t even remember the instructions, but mine was lemony and zest flecked! Maybe I will buy brown eggs from now on…

  6. I think the “brown eggs are better” idea comes from the knowledge that brown bread is better than white. What matters most is what the chickens are fed. Most organic chicken farmers (around here, anyway) won’t raise chickens who lay white eggs, because customers won’t buy them.

    I think this cake is best when served with something. It certainly made a great base for lemon curd!

  7. The way I see it, I have to dress up and be uncomfortable five days a week for work. If I don’t have to be anywhere on the weekend, sweats it is. (and yes, I have been known to wear them to the grocery early on a Saturday morning).
    Lovely loaf & great thought on the sugaring…

  8. I don’t think you’re in the minority. On a day off, I like to postpone the cleanup until after I lounge around a while. I love the sugared pan idea. I’ve never tried that before. Great trick. Thanks for sharing. The strawberry on top looks jus tperfect.

  9. I love pj-days!! I think that if you’re in the right frame of mind, pj-days are so much more productive than days that you have to force yourself to get dressed just to putter around the house.

    Great pic with the strawberry!

  10. Oh too bad you got sick after one tase of the sardine rillettes. And missed the party. But your lemon loaf cake looks great and I like the tip about dusting the pan with sugar instead of flour. I also vote for more yoga pants and grunging around. In my case it’s called “retired!”

  11. Hi Maggie, Another winner, and you got a lot of comments! It was great to have you home this weekend, not long enough though. We ended up serving 165 people on Sunday – I mixed up 24 batches of batter:
    6 eggs
    6 cups milk
    3 cups flour
    1/4 melted butter
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 tsp salt

    One batch will make a bunch of pancakes!

    Take care Love Dad

  12. No one ever told me to “butter and sugar”. Great trick, thank you. And, I just love the eggs-on-book picture. Me, too, with the brown eggs. I buy farm fresh, from our Farmer’s Market, and these days, mine are all different colors. Need a Dr. Seuss book for a photo-op with them, I think. Many Dorista-bakers did not think this cake was “lemony” enough. I let it sit, wrapped in a towel, overnight, and I thought the lemon flavor was subtle but difinitely present. As far as grubby, it’s okay, you gotta do it, it’s American. (The French don’t do “grubby” very well but Americans cooking French do grubby very, very, well.) Cute Post. Mary

  13. I will definitely have to try the butter and sugar! Your loaf looks wonderful! Too funny about being grubby, my husband is the same way, we will have some cleaning or working ahead of us and he wants to shower first, I figure why shower to just get dirty?!

  14. Your cake looks amazing! And you’re not alone, I love to hang out in my sweats and not get ready if I don’t plan on going anywhere. No sense in getting all dressed up for the couch and oven, right?!?! 🙂

  15. looks great–i love the dome you got! i added the juioce of a lemon to the batter and then made a little glaze for my cake, and i think it helped with the flavor.

    ps: i always do chores in my gross clothes. why bother to dress up to vaccum the house?

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