French Fridays with Dorie – Sardine Rillettes

So you’re like “WTF Maggie? Those aren’t sardine rillettes dude.” Yeah they’re not. Here’s the story: I was pretty afraid to make this recipe because I’ve never had a sardine before and to be honest they don’t really sound that appealing. I mean, whenever I hear a cool British person call them kippers I slightly warm to the idea but when faced with the reality of a sardine…ummmm no. So I was talking to my sister-in-law about her son’s 1st birthday party and what I was bringing for snacks and telling her about my sardine fears and she mentioned that her mom loves sardines so I thought “Perfect! I will make the sardine rillettes and bring them to the party and then even if I don’t like them, someone will!” Awesome plan right? I sure thought so.

So we had a cake decorating class at the store and I was super sugared out from all the frosting and stuff and I knew I was going to be making the rillettes and the above cupcakes that night so I went by one of my favorite restaurants in town and picked up some burritos to go for Tristan and I since I didn’t feel like cooking. We split the burritos for an early dinner and then I got to work on these beautiful Mojito Cupcakes and the rillettes.

Look at all those beautiful ingredients. I was thinking it might not be so bad. Then I opened the cans of sardines….whew! Stinky! But some stinky things taste good like cheese and cabbage and kale and I can’t think of any other ones right now but you know what I mean. So I mixed it up while I was waiting for the cupcakes to cool and I tasted a little bite of it to see if I needed to adjust the seasonings and I thought “Hmmmm I don’t love it but it’s not disgusting.” I put it in the fridge to chill overnight and then I continued on with my biznazz. I finished the cupcakes and they were cute! And super yummy! I was feeling pretty great about my contributions to Henry’s bday party. And I was really excited for the next day so we could go down to Milwaukee and visit and see Henry and the rest of the fam. But while I was reading before bed, my tummy started to make some strange noises. I didn’t really think much of it and I just decided to go to bed since in my 27 years I have learned that falling asleep is a pretty sure panacea for most things. Fast-forward to 1 AM where I am jolted awake by the overwhelming need to puke. That’s what happened for like the next 5 hours. It was gross. I actually scared Tristan. Apparently I sound like I’m dying while throwing up. So I don’t know if it was the rillettes or what, but something made me super sick and since I didn’t know if I had a bug or what, we ended up skipping the party altogether and I threw the rillettes away because I couldn’t bear the idea of eating them. Throwing something up pretty much makes you never want to eat it again. Well actually that’s not entirely true. I threw up after eating a peanut butter cookie in high school and there is no flippin’ way I would ever give up peanut butter cookies. But sardines? I can live without them.

So there’s no pretty picture of the rillettes to show, but I will give you the recipe for the cupcakes because they were awesome and though they didn’t make it to the party, everyone at work was happy to have them. Sorry Doristas – hope you all had better luck with them than me.

21 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Sardine Rillettes

  1. I cannot stop laughing and I swear it isn’t at your expense! That is a GREAT story and way better than my lame, “Yes, Virginia, sardines aren’t as bad as you thought” blog. Happy Friday!

  2. Sure do hope that you are feeling better – sorry that you did not like the sardine rillettes recipe at all…But to comment on your beautiful Mojito Cupcakes: they look awesome! Looking forward to next weeks post!

  3. Sorry you became ill, and sorry you missed the birthday, but that is one funny story. As
    much as both Tricia and I loved our results, I would rather have one of those cupcakes
    any day. Super scrumptious looking.

  4. Oh, cupcakes are a welcome relief from the horror that was sardine rillettes πŸ™‚
    Hope your illness didn’t last too long.
    Those cupcakes look great.

  5. Ack! That’s terrible! I hope you got over your stomach funks fairly quickly after throwing everything out. There’s more (and tastier looking) rilletes in the FFwD future. Mojito cupcakes sound fantastic! I admire anyone who can make “pretty things” in the kitchen, and your cupcakes look divine.

  6. Maggie, That’s sorta a sad story – there is no humor in the 5-hours near the loo, is there? Just a suggestion – don’t go near sardines again but keep making those fabulous-looking cupcakes. Henry’s 2nd bithday next year. I think do. Mary

  7. That’s too bad that you got sick. But, you did get an incredibly entertaining post out of it. Your cupcakes look pretty – lucky co-workers!

      • Ok, then THAT’S what I learned today! The other thing I learned: I really had no idea what kippers were. :). But they have such a cute name! Thanks for the research. πŸ™‚

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