Baking with Julia – Pizza Rustica

Look at that crust! YUM! This week’s Baking with Julia Recipe was a serious hit in my house, which is kind of rare. My husband is sort of a picky eater but he’s his very own type of picky eater. He will actually eat anything, even if he doesn’t like it which I think is even worse than just downright refusing to eat something sometimes. I can tell when he doesn’t like it but is just shoveling it in to please me and it’s so depressing. In his family growing up, it didn’t matter if you didn’t like it you still had to have some, and that just wasn’t the case with me. So I really try to make things that he will actually like, but sometimes it’s so hard! For instance, he is not a big fan of soup so I rarely make it at home (sad day). Also, he doesn’t like long noodles but sometimes I just have to have me some good old fashioned spaghetti. Sorry, baby.

Casseroles are usually a big no-no as well because he doesn’t like everything mixed together, but then his favorite food is homemade chicken pot pie, which is totally a casserole in my eyes. Whatever, he’s a weirdo and I love him. So I thought maybe he would like this one because it’s kind of like a pot pie….sort of. I mean it’s way more like a pot pie or a quiche than a pizza, I think we can all agree, no?

Since I don’t have a large food processor, I mixed this dough up in my stand mixer and then just dumped it out on my pastry sheet to knead it. I was a little skeptical, because it looked like this:

I actually added a few tablespoons of water to make it come together and then it was pretty perfect! Because of the sugar it was much grainier than a normal pie/quiche dough, but it tasted very yummy!

Now, onto the filling! I made a few substitutions in the filling and I could say that it was because of my discerning taste or whatever but really I was being cheap. I used bacon instead of prosciutto because the prosciutto in the grocery store here is not really all that great and it costs over $8 for a quarter pound. But I had some really nice bacon from our meat market that only costs like $4.75 a pound so I just cut some of that up and used it instead. I also elected to use little mozzarella balls instead of shredded mozzarella not out of cheapiness but just because I think they’re cute. So surprise, surprise I added more cheese since I just used the whole package of those instead of saving a few measly balls (haha) for something else. Oh and I cut up some scallions and threw them in just for kicks because I love them and add them to everything. So here’s the filling all mixed up

Some people might think this looks like throw up, but like the mother of a strange looking child, I only see the positives. Those little mozzarella balls are calling my name!

Here is my little beauty before baking. Note the color of the lattice top because after the baking, it didn’t really change much. Did anyone else have this issue? The crust around the sides got a beautiful golden color, but my lattices stayed whiter than my legs in March.

I was naughty, naughty and only let this baby cool for about 15 minutes before we cut it but I don’t regret it at all because it was really yummy! The cheese was all melty goodness and after he finished his first helping Tristan actually said, “Can I please have more of this delicious meal?” My heart was a’singin’! When I asked him for a rating on a scale of 1-10 he gave it a 7.5 which is pretty high marks for him. I would definitely make this again and I think it’s a recipe that lends itself to adaption. I think it would be really good with some sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. Hope everyone else liked it as much as we did! I brought it for lunch the next day and got a somewhat decent slice shot.

Catch all you Doristas in a couple of weeks for Lemon Loaf Cake! The hosts for Pizza Rustica are Emily of Capitol Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home. Check out their sites to get the recipe and make a delicious Pizza Rustica of your very own!

26 thoughts on “Baking with Julia – Pizza Rustica

  1. Oh Maggie! So pretty and looks so tasty! I think I might have to try it. It’s basically a cheese pie, right? What’s not to love? Aside: Rory also doesn’t like long noodles (weird) but I make them anyway and he also eats whatever I make regardless of his enthusiasm for it but unlike you this is a characteristic of his that I deeply appreciate! My dad is the pickiest eater ever and wd often behave pretty rudely (i thought) by doing something ridiculous like making an egg for dinner when my mom wd try something new. It totally put a damper on her culinary creativity. so I really love that rory is such a sport when it comes to dinner. Funny!

  2. It looks great! Mine was pretty pale too but I forced it into submission with a few minutes under the broiler πŸ˜€

  3. I was skeptical of the lattice turning very golden, but mine did very well without an egg wash (which I almost threw on in the last minute). Your hubby is like mine, but mine wont eat something to please me, just eats something he doesnt like in spite – especially in restaurants when he gets something that winds up horrible, he wont ask them to take it away and bring something else (which most places will charge you only for one meal and gladly replace your meal with something you would like better perhaps) … lol – boys!

  4. My lattices stayed pale too…I even kept it in a few minutes longer thinking they would brown up a bit. So funny that your picky boys liked it and my boys who eat anything didn’t really love it! ha ha πŸ™‚ They thought the crust was too sweet, otherwise they thought it was ok. Fun to make…enjoyed your blog and your pretty pie plate πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful pie plate.
    I have a picky child and I think the heavens open up when we find a new food that she likes… I am truly hoping she will grow out of it soon (that being said, she’s almost 17, I think I am in trouble)

    • Don’t fear! I HATED onions until I was like 20 & now I eat them on everything! Also I used to not touch green beans with a ten foot pole & now I make them pretty frequently. I’m also easing myself into mushrooms. I’m a former picky eater but I’m recovering – your daughter can too! πŸ™‚

  6. I *love* your tale of your husband’s eating habits. I have some of the same issues of trying to make things he will actually like. I am glad this seemed to go over well, although he mentioned he’d like shredded chicken in it. I guess that means I am making it again!

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