Hunger Games 2.0

I went to see Hunger Games again last night with my husband and a friend and guess what! I changed my mind! I liked it a lot more the second time. I think I was just too hyped up to see it this last weekend and was kind of expecting too much. Also, I know it sounds stupid, but we sat way too close to the screen the first time and it made a lot of the action scenes really hard to watch because of the film style. Last night we sat pretty far back and it was a much better way to see it. I want to take back what I said about Katniss being a cold fish in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence is just a really subtle actress and after I got over there not being that many scenes between her and Peeta and really paid attention to her performance, you can totally see the mixed feelings and play of emotions her character is going through. I think she was perfect for the part. I even like Peeta a little more this go around though I still think his head is kind of shaped like a Lego Man and having his hair slicked back does nothing for him. He needs those bangs people!.

Both Tristan and Dave had never read the books before and they asked me not to tell them anything about the story beforehand and they both really liked it. I was all pumped for them to ask me questions after the movie and really flex my Hunger Games knowledge muscle but they didn’t really have any. Apparently you can figure out what’s going on without reading the book. Who knew? I’m never in that position because I pretty much have ALWAYS read the book. That’s just how I roll. So I wanted to post this just in case other people felt like I did when they saw it the first time. We had some free movie passes to use up (thanks Mama!) so I didn’t feel too weird about seeing this one twice in the theater in the same week. If you felt kind of let-down the first time, maybe give it another try. If not in the theater, then when it comes out on DVD. If I can change my mind, so can you! 🙂


One thought on “Hunger Games 2.0

  1. Good to hear it was better the second time around. I too was a bit disappointed with the movie. They really did not focus on the relationships at all. I’ll be going to see it again with my daughter next week.

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