Really delicious things I made recently – Maybe you should too!

I cook/bake a lot. Probably at least 5 times a week, if not more. I mean obviously sometimes I resort to a frozen pizza (Freschetta is the best in my opinion) or some Chinese take-out but for the most part I do try to cook real food the majority of the time. My tastes run to the starchier side of the equation in that I don’t think I’ve met a pasta I didn’t like, but I do strive for a little bit of variety. I’m usually pretty pleased with what I come up with and I thought maybe some other peeps might like to try some of the recipes I’ve really enjoyed. I’m going to group them together though since I pretty much followed them completely and didn’t do much tinkering.

So the pizza in the lead picture is a recipe from Food & Wine magazine. I LOVE Food & Wine magazine. I like to refer to it as food porn. Some of the recipes are overly complicated and require hard-to-find ingredients but I have made some truly stellar things from it. I’ve made this Focaccia with Caramelized Onions, Pear, and Bleu Cheese several times and I love it! It is very hard for me to comprehend that I used to hate both onions and bleu cheese.

Pretzel rolls are something I had never even had until I saw this blog post and then boom! POW! I had to make them. It was my day off and I had some really yummy soup leftover from the night before (more on that in a bit) and they made the most delicious lunch for me, Tristan, and Dave. Best lunch I’ve had in awhile!

I found this soup on Pinterest and it might be my most favorite thing I’ve made in quite awhile. I know Olive Garden is pretty universally disliked by foodies because of its really annoying commercials and mass-produced fare but I’m not gonna lie, I like Olive Garden. I don’t eat there often, maybe like 2 times a year, but I get the Zuppa Toscana soup every time. It’s spicy and filling and seems kind of healthy because there’s kale in it. I love it. This is a copy-cat recipe and it was really easy, tasted amazing, and when paired with those pretzel rolls made up the best lunch I’ve had in ages. Definitely make this before it gets too hot to really enjoy soup.

The other day I made two kinds of bread and I love them both! I found them on two blogs I visit pretty regularly and I would definitely recommend them. The one on the far left is a Raisin Spice bread from Budget Bytes and the two smaller loaves are Whole Wheat Orange Spice Bread from EmmyCooks. I left the walnuts out since I’ve made my feelings on nuts clear but you can put them in if you like. The Raisin Spice bread makes really delicious toast!

Last but not least, the Cherry Coke Cupcakes. They were pretty bomb. As in super good, totally delicious, really amazing. I found this recipe months ago and I finally found the little Coke bottle gummies to go on top last week! They are the creation of Kristan over at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and I must say, she is a genius! Make these as soon as you find the gummies! That concludes my recipe round-up. When I get another good crop of them, I’ll make sure to let you all know.

P.S. This blog post reveals my dirty little secret: I take pictures of almost everything I cook. That’s weird right?

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