Happy birthday to me – Oreo Pudding Cookies!

Yesterday was my birthday and as I had the day off, I decided to bake myself something indulgent and delicious! I knew we were going out to dinner with friends so I didn’t want to do something big like a cake or a pie and it was afternoon-time, so I thought I would just make myself a little snack. An ooey-gooey, chocolately, Oreo-y snack. I saw these cookies on a blog I really like called The Girl Who Ate Everything a few weeks ago and the fact that I bought the pudding mix and candy bars and hadn’t eaten either of them yet is pretty amazing. Obviously I can cook and bake things from scratch no problem, but I love pudding mix. LOVE IT! It reminds me of my Grandma & Grandpa Veinhuis because we used to make it all the time together when I was little for a dessert after lunch.

It’s a pretty simple recipe and after I got everything mixed in but the candy bar chunks and the chocolate chips, I took the bowl off the mixer and grabbed one of my umpteen million wooden spoons to stir in the last bits by hand. Then this happened:

I’m pretty confident I got all the wood chips out of the dough, but I guess we won’t know until all the cookies are gone. They’re fairly ooey-gooey in the middle still so I think it’ll be pretty obvious if someone gets a wood-chip cookie. I’d say they are definitely worth taking the chance though. I guess I am just super strong or something. Must have been kneading that bread dough a few weeks ago. The workout that keeps on giving 🙂 Tristan is always teasing me that I have a bajillion wooden spoons and spatulas and that I can’t possibly use them all. When we moved into our house a few summers ago, he tried to get me to get rid of some! As Cher would say “As if!” And it’s a good thing I have so many because what if my wooden spoon had broken and I didn’t have another one to finish these cookies with? Think about that husband! That would have been a tragedy! In the following pic I’m trying to show how delicious they are in the middle, but I had to keep taking little bites to even out the pic. Yeah, that’s totally why…

These are SERIOUSLY good! They were perfect when still a bit warm, so maybe a short zap in the microwave is in order this afternoon when I relive my birthday snack. Please everyone, for your own good, make these soon. Get the recipe here. I didn’t change anything at all about it except I used one cup of mini chocolate chips and one cup of regular because I thought it might make for more yummy meltiness. Enjoy!

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