Baking Day

So I know I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but unfortunately I haven’t had any time to bake anything. I don’t know who I’m saying this to since I don’t think I have any faithfuls yet, but I just felt kind of like a failure, starting this writing project and then not doing anything. I didn’t want to be one of those bloggers that just write about my daily life, but I didn’t have time to make anything worth writing about, so no posts.

Today I have to mix up some bread dough and make some pastry crust because, gasp! I’m teaching my first cooking class tomorrow. Co-teaching with my boss actually. The real chef had an emergency appendectomy last week and isn’t up to teaching yet and we didn’t want to cancel so we’re the fill-ins. I have to do all the pre-baking today so it can be like a real cooking show where I mix the ingredients, have one all ready to bake, and then have one that’s already baked. That’s my plan anyways, we’ll see how it goes. I’m making No-Knead Bread in my Le Creuset 5.5qt Round French Oven (my favorite piece of cookware) and I’m thinking I’m going to do a buttermilk pie in my really lovely deep-dish Le Creuset pie dish. And no, this isn’t a Le Creuset commercial, but the class is called Learning to Love Le Creuset so I have to use the cookware. And thanks to all the free stuff I’ve collected from my job, I do love it! So wish me luck you imaginary readers out there. Pictures and posts of the process to come….

This could be the most perfect pie crust I have ever created. It looks just like the one on the cover of my PIE book!


And this is where it stopped looking perfect. Actually this pie did turn out perfectly but I can’t get the picture off my phone. I mixed up another one during the class, then it sat on the counter for about an hour before I could get it home and bake it and then it turned into this monstrosity…

I think this was a product of sitting for a long time before baking. Also, even though I let the butter sit out for like two hours before using it, it was too cold and didn’t cream correctly. Wow, that sounded gross. Turns out this tasted okay but it looks so deformed that it definitely put Tristan off. I had to make him a bevy of pumpkin pies to make up for it.

I tried a new pumpkin pie recipe. Usually I stick with the regular Libby’s, but tonight I tried the Indian Pudding Spiced Pumpkin Pie. Yummy! It has cornmeal in it, which seemed weird but it acted as the thickener and this pie turned out really great!


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