Red Velvet Cupcakes….a misstep

Ever since making a few batches of Red Velvet cupcakes for a True Blood season finale party, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with them. I realize that this is my first actual baking blog and I’m supposed to be writing about pies, but that’s life. I decided to make a batch today for a dual purpose: a friend’s birthday and a get well present for another friend’s mother. So since I’ve made a few batches before, I was feeling pretty confident until I started pouring the blood-red batter into the muffin cups and realized that I had forgotten to add the baking powder. I’d already poured out about half the batter so there wasn’t really any turning back. I decided to go ahead with them as a learning experience. This way I could really see how important baking powder is to the process. I mean, they must not have always had baking powder right? When did that get invented and how long has it been a staple in your standard kitchen?

Okay after about ten minutes on google, I still don’t know when people started using it for baking, but after looking at my flat little cupcakes I can be damn sure it’s pretty important. The texture inside was definitely affected too. They seemed like when you over-mix muffins and create air pockets inside them or something, but much flatter. Definitely not my finest moment in the kitchen to be sure. But they still tasted okay so I mixed up the frosting, got a little Easter-eggy with the color, and got to work. I think they still looked alright.

There turned out to be just enough in pan to spell out a b-day message to my friend!

I used the Paula Deen recipe that I found on It was infinitely better than the Martha Stewart recipe I tried at first. I mean the last time I made it when I didn’t forget the baking powder. The Paula cupcakes were a much deeper red and I liked the texture more. Even though she used more oil, they seemed lighter on the inside and they developed a nice crunchiness on the outside. Oh well, every day can’t be a total success. I’m trying cashew chicken and home-made potstickers tonight…hopefully those will turn out.


One thought on “Red Velvet Cupcakes….a misstep

  1. Mags, I love you. ….Even I am jealous that I didn't think of this for you before, so cudos to Kathy. This is looking very cosy, so I hope you enjoy yourself. Thanks for letting me know…..and even though this seems to come from ej, this is really coming from me.

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